New Short Stories - 5
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The Willesden Herald International
Short Story Prize 2011
a pretend genius production


"a collection of steady illumination..."

"a compelling collection of short stories from the international Willesden Herald short story competition, edited by the excellent Stephen Moran, who has managed to attract some fine writers to this award, along with a fine final arbiter in the form of Zadie Smith."  Author Trek

"the collection showcases writers who are technically gifted, who are craftsmen and craftswomen with stories to tell and an assured way of telling them.."  Roundtable Review UK



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Short list for the Willesden Herald short story prize 2011

"Apartment" by Y.J. Zhu
"Blue Raincoat" by Teresa Stenson
"Dancing with the Flag Man" by Nemone Thornes
"Gusul" by Adnan Mahmutovic
"Homecoming" by Alex Barr
"Out of Season" by Mary O'Shea
"Overnight Miracles" by A.J. Ashworth
"Set Dance" by Angela Sherlock
"The Bedroom" by Micheal Coleman
"The Place" by David Frankel
"Thingummy Wotsit" by Adrian Sells
"Victor" by Emma Martin

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Willesden Herald: New Short Stories 5. The best of the Willesden Herald international short story prize 2011. Twelve new stories set as far afield as China and New Zealand, Sweden and the US as well as several from Britain and Ireland.
'Every human type and taste is here - sad, funny, fresh, sharp, gripping, sour and sweet - delicious small mysteries that suddenly reveal their secret hearts.' (Maggie Gee)